PLATETRADE S.A. has been designed to provide tailor-made services to customers facing today dynamic market. The company’s policy is based on a competitive approach, the full time dedication and the case by case analysis of each and all of our customers’ expectations.


  • - Steels
  • - Fertilizers
  • - BaggedGoods
  • - Project cargoes
  • - Drillers
  • - Oil & Gas
  • - Grains
  • - Forest Products
  • - Cement


Being located in Buenos Aires, we are in close contact with all the local grain and trading houses, steel mills, oil producers, and logs exporters. This fact coupled with the support of local and foreign shipowners enable us to actively participate in the constantly growing southamerican trade.


The best we can offer is the uncommon commitment to find the most competitive and reliable option for each business. For same, we handle not only chartering or freights but also proper logistic and support in Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Brazil, what is only possible through a permanent availability to the customers and the market.


The global market posses new challenges to the shipping industry. Fierce competition and the ever present need to keep costs at bay, demand close monitoring of each and every business, and this is exactly what we provide to our customers


We strive to provide our customers with the most advanced and highly qualified international logistics services. Our team of dedicated professionals, through responsive communications, is committed to achieve our customers’ ultimate satisfactions.


At Platetrade S.A. as a company dedicated to the provision of tailor-made solutions for maritime transportation and imports/exports logistics, our main mission is the satisfaction of our client´s demands, the efficiency of the service provided, the excellence in the provision of services and the continuous improvement of the management of such services as well as the constant incorporation of resources and technology with the aim to satisfy the client´s need of information and attending the particular requirements of the regulations in force within the market.

We aspire to a greater participation of Platetrade within local and international markets, in order to maintain lasting relationships with charterers and owners, thus ensuring a healthy long-term future.

Our management is based on the high disposition of our personnel, agility and flexibility in providing responses and a strong and constant interaction with the client.

For the compliance of this Quality Policy, the Management of Platetrade provides its support and facilitates all the resources needed.

January 2006

Platetrade has also dedicated with a strong focus on the transport of bulk cargoes, mainly engage to the Mercosur trade. Has successfully performed large contracts with Gravetal Bolivia, Bunge Brasil, Transcontinental del Perú, among other first-class charterers. It is also involved very actively on the combined transport both import and export into Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia, Main commodities carried are bulk: wheat, corn, soya, cement, clinker and pig iron. For this purpose, we offer a combined operation solution of direct transshipment from and into these countries, from ocean vessels onto barges.


As a result of the constant dialogue with grain, food, steel and oil charterers, PLATETRADE S.A. has become involved in the import and export of all types and ranges of project equipment and machinery. In order to reach an appropriate standard of quality in the Project Cargo Market, PLATETRADE S.A. is always in permanent search of first class stevedoring companies, port terminals and inland transportation companies from all over the world which share our view the logistic business. We also maintain a close relationship with foreign and local forwarding companies seeking ocean freights to serve their Principals.

  • We specialize in:
  • - Project Cargoes
  • - Overdimensioned material
  • - Rolling material: Cars, trucks, rail wagons
  • - Heavy pieces: transformers
  • - Machinery
  • - Steel

PLATETRADE S.A. is actively involved in the project cargo market, which Oil & Gas shipments are one of our core business. Our expertise handling all kind of heavy lift pieces, gives us the background to move goods related to Oil & Gas, such as splitters, valves, generators, etc. We also move several turn-key projects worldwide, for the most important producers, seeking always the most reliable alternative for each shipment.


PLATETRADE S.A. also provides regular transport solutions for granite / marble / phorphyre blocks from southern argentinian ports into Mediterranean and North Europe, fixing them on full and complete cargo basis but also on part cargo basis, combining cargoes with other general and project cargoes into same direction.


The trade of forest products from the River Plate has grown very fast in the last few years. PLATETRADE S.A. participates actively in this market, with an average of 100.000 cubic meters carried by year. Several types of forestry products are exported, such as: logs, sawn timber, green lumber, dry lumber and poles.

We always work with the most reputed owners with suitable vessels for forestry cargoes.


Since we have been exploring the needs of small flour mills and rice exporters by providing them small tonnage and part cargo spaces for many years, international grain houses and trading companies from all over the world have chosen us as an alternative solution to their needs when it comes to shipping part cargoes from Argentina because of our experience and good performance in this business.


Platetrade is actively involved in the transhipment of the pine logs exportation business from South America to several destinations worldwide.


PLATETRADE S.A. is actively involved in the project cargo which constitutes one of our main activities.


As we handle all type of heavy and oversized pieces, we have the expertise to transport industrial plants, from general cargo, construction machinery up to turn key plants. Our company owns the experience to transport your goods from/to every part of the world and find the most competitive and reliable option for each business.


Steel Trade constitutes one of our main activities. We handle all kinds of steel products such as steel coils, pipes, wire rods and iron profiles among others. Our daily dialogue with steels mills in Argentina, as well as in Brazil, has enabled us to provide shipowners with a wide experience in regional steel products which is very important at the moment of estimating a voyage.

The usual types of products we carry are: coils, tinplate, plates/sheets, pipes, bars, profiles, billets, wide rods

PLATETRADE S.A. is actively involved in the argentine grain trade. Our know-how in the South American trade (ECA and WCSA) has allowed us to establish a close relationship with foreign and local owners, covering the demands of Argentina and regional charterers. We have become specialists in the parceling of grains to other destinations such as The Caribbean, Northern Europe, The Mediterranean and Africa (both coasts).


The Trade of Fertilizers in the River Plate Area and Southern Brazil, which is a fast growing business, has been covered by PLATETRADE S.A. for many years. We have acted as commercial managers for small ships (2.000 – 10.000 dwt), carrying fertilizers from Argentina to southern Brazil and between argentinian ports.


We are constantly seeking for shipowners, who are willing to participate in this trade, providing them with the accurate information concerning the flag regulations in Argentina and alternative solutions that might arise in this field.


PLATETRADE S.A. has also developed the transport of cement ex Argentine to South American Countries focusing on Argentina / Caribs and Argentina / West Coast South American.

We are involved in the transport of bagged and palletized cement not only from main ports but also from southern ports in Argentina.

For this purpose we parcel up ship in order to create the right cargo combination for a cost – effective solution for Owners and Charterers.

Platetrade S.A. ships on a monthly basis, fracking sand from several origins into Argentina.




The Paraguay-Paraná Waterway is defined based on a strategy of river transport along the water system of the same name, in a section between Puerto Cáceres (Brazil) at its northern end and Puerto New Palmira (Uruguay) in Program its southern end into a path comprised of 3,442 Kms. The countries who share this river system are Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay. The Paraguay and Paraná rivers have natural sailing conditions, but the basic problem of these conditions is related to the hydrological regime of rivers, recording periods of low water, medium and high. Statistically, lower draft is between October and February, always depending on weather conditions during these dates: rainfall, drought, stream, etc. For safe navigation through the Río Paraguay, the prefecture only supports a maximum draft of up to 11 feet and a minimum of 6 feet, always depending on each of the steps because of the diversity of soils (sandy, muddy, with stones , etc.) to discover along the waterway.


PLATETRADE has the support of barge regular services that meet the needs of the load. The barges are designed in such a way that, will draft according to the loaded and traveling in convoys between 8 and 25 units and up to 1500 tns by barge. The great diversity of load has allowed an important development of port facilities which are also due to substantial growth and industrialization of the area. The types of cargo currently transported in this traffic, both import / export horn are: • grains • cement • steel • minerals • containerized loading • ro-ro • general cargo and project.


In mid 2010, we were able to transport the first shipment of 7500 MT of cement in big bags palletized with final destination at Asunción, Paraguay. The ship departed from Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina to Nueva Palmira, Uruguay for its direct transhipment from ship to barge, being the first to offer such service, avoiding the cost and handling time at berth. This contract was kept for 3 years with consecutive shipments every twenty days.

This first experience together with our expertise on general and project cargo, has enabled us to develope a service that was absent for a long time, which is the river transport of project cargo in barges to the main ports of growing South American countries, that do not have ocean ports (Paraguay and Bolivia).

We have transported turnkey plants, organizing the full logistics door to door, ensuring the client with proper coordination of all services involved, such as: overseas shipping, transhipment to barges, stevedoring works, barge transport and barge discharging at final port bagged. We also provide this service for palletized and unitized cargo, having already moved over the last 2 years in excess of 200.000 MT.

We do not only have the know-how of an innovative service, but also have developed an excellent relationship with all the suppliers involved in this process. It is very important to us, to –jointly with our Customers-, find a solution that suits the needs of the cargo ensuring best results of the logistics operation.

Zona Común to junction of River Paraná Guazú with River Paraná de las Palmas (Km 232 R.P.G.) Via Marin García Channel.

DISTANCE Z.Común Km. 121 N.Palmira Bridge Ibicuy Km. 232
Area Comum 98 115 162 201 215
P. Guazú (Km. 121) 53 17 64 103 117
Nueva Palmira 62 9 47 86 100
Bridge 25 35 25 39 53
Ibicuy 109 56 46 21 28
Junction R.P.G. (Km. 232) / R.P.P. 116 63 54 29 15

Kilometers - Nautical Miles


Located in Buenos Aires, we are always in touch with local actors in the fields of grain, steel, cement, oil and others.

Thus, we offer shipping services to promote trade in all of South America.


A.I.T (Argentine Income Tax) Income tax on export freights and passages: The source of this tax can be found in Article 9 of the Argentine Income Tax Law (text according to law 23.260) published in the Official Bulletin on October 11th, 1985), which establishes that it is presumed that companies not constituted in the country dealing in the transport business between Argentina and foreign countries obtain by this activity net earnings equal to 10% of the gross amount on export freights or passages.

Article 92 of this law determines the rate of the tax is 35% of the presumed net profit of 10%, that is to say, 3,5% on the total gross freight or passage. In the event the beneficiary of the freight is based in a country with which Argentina has signed agreements to avoid double taxation on income tax, said tax will not be applied.

These countries are: Australia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bolivia, Bosnia- Herzegovina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Croatia, Cuba, Denmark, Estonia, Rnland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Iran, Israel, Italy, Japan, Letonia, Lithuania, Moldavia, Norway, Paraguay, Peru, Portugal, Russian Federation, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Ukraine, United Kingdom & Northern Ireland, United States, Uruguay, Yugoslav Federal Republic (Serbia- Montenegro).

To such effect the Argentine Internal Revenue Service dictated on August 1st, 1978 Resolution N°2006 which determines the documentation the shipping agent must request from the ultimate freight beneficiary in order to avoid the withholding of the 3,5% on the gross freight. In cases which do not qualify for tax exemption, agents are of course responsible for the collection and payment of the tax.

In the case of those countries which have signed the Apostille Treaty according to The Hague Convention


Hidrovía S.A. is an Argentine / Belgium consortium in charge of all dredging. River toll dues ( normally named "hidrovía") are payable to such consortium and calculated as follows:

Toll charges: TP (Toll charge) = Tb (Bouyage charges) + Td (Dredging charges) (Basic Unitary Price : U$S 1,136 , in force as from 01-01-99)

Tb = U$S 1,136 x NRT x Percentage use of channel (see bouyage table) Td = U$S 1,136 x NRT x Percentage use of channel (dredging) x Fc Fc = Draft Correction Factor Fc = (C-cr) divided by Cb. where; Cr = Reference draft = 15 ft. Cb = SSWD of vsl C = 15 ft if SSWD is less than 15 ft = SSWD if SSWD is greater than 15 ft but less than the designated channel draft of 22 or 32 ft (see notes) = Designated channel draft if SSWD exceeds this figure.


  • Wheat: 43-45 CBFT/MT
  • Maize: 44-45 CBFT/MT
  • Soyabeans: 48-49 CBFT/MT
  • Soyapellets: 56 CBFT/MT
  • Soyabean flour: 58 CBFT/MT
  • Sunflowerseed: 85 CBFT/MTT
  • Sunflowerseed pellets: 64-68 CBFT/MT
  • Sorgum:48 CBFT/MT
  • Oats: 63-65 CBFT/MT
  • Barley: 57-58 CBFT/MT
  • Cottonseed: 83-88 CBFT/MT
  • Rice (Bulk): 50 CBFT/MT
  • Rice (Bagged): 60 CBFT/MT
  • Petcoke (Calcined): 46/47 CBFT/MT
  • Petcoke (Green): 48-49 CBFT/MT




We can offer through our suppliers a wide range of products to be provided at the following places:

  • - Zona Común (La Plata roads)
  • - Upriver
  • - Alpha Zone
  • - Necochea
  • - Mar del Plata
  • - Bahía Blanca

We can offer the following products:

  • - IFO 180 CST / RME 180
  • - IFO 380 CST / RMG 380
  • - MGO DMA

Guaranteed ISO 8217:2005 in all supplies.

Deliveries can be carried out by barge or trucks.

We also offer constant and updated information about vessel's prospects and barge readiness in order to keep duly informed about bunker stems.

Our services are 24/7 according to normal practice in the maritime business.

Eitherway we are entitled to provide an "all-in" service from which you can take part or all of it according to your needs or requirements (product - IN/OUT pilotage - Clearance IN/OUT with port authorities -OSRO - Oil Boom)

For instance:

• Bunkering call at Zona Común (vessels not operating at any up river port that get in the Plate to receive bunkers only / ship's clearance required)

• Bunkering at Zona Común inbound (vessels operating at any up river port that intend to receive bunkers prior to going to port / ship's clearance required)

• Bunkering at Zona Común outbound (vessels operating at any up river port that intend to receive bunkers after operating in her way out / ship's clearance not required)

• Bunkering at Alpha Zone In/Outbound (Montevideo roads)

• Bunkering call at Bahía Blanca (vessels getting in the Bahía Blanca Access channel (until buoy nbr. 17th) with the sole purpose of receiving bunkers / ship's clearance required)

• Bunkering at Bahía Blanca inbound (vessels operating in Bahía Blanca port that intend to receive bunkers prior to berth / ship's in ward clearance at roads required)

• Bunkering at Bahía Blanca outbound (vessels operating in Bahía Blanca port that intend to receive bunkers after operating / ship's outward clearance roads required)


• We offer a complete service of clearance and delivery of shipments and consignments arriving in Argentina or Uruguay for further delivery on board of your good vessels.

• In the case of parcels getting stuck at Customs for clearance, we take care and perform the entire process before customs house and once released, we take it/them to the ship doing our best the ensure a safeplacing in board.

• In case of crew mail of just documents, normally they are not delayed at customs and we just take them safely on board.

• Also we take care and carry out the process of forwarding of parcels of every kind landed from ships.


• Oil Spill Response Organization (OSRO) Coverage

• Ship agency at any ports (inclusive of all kind of owners matters)

• Slops/Sludge disposal

• Garbage removal

• Delivery of stores and provisions

• Underwater inspections

• Protective and confidential agency

• Diving Works (Like propellers/sea chests/rudder cleaning)

• Crew handling

• Holds and Tanks cleaning (by shore team)

• Rescue




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Chartering Director

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Skype: mariana.pereira.63


Commercial Representative

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PLATETRADE was born on April 3rd, 1997, founded by Sebastian Zalaya and Mariano Grosso, PLATETRADE S.A. as a bet to develope a new concept of multimodal service, offering innovative solutions to charterers as well as to ship-owners. In the begining, PLATETRADE had the representation of the ship-owner CORECK MARITIME GMBH with whom the relationship was maintained for 3 years.

With Coreck, we were able to developed a deep relationship with the Tenaris Group winning the 40% of their annual bids mainly for cargoes appointed to the Persian Gulf, as well as covering market cargoes belonging to Curcija, Saman, Glencore, Bunge-Fertimport, J.Macedo, Continental del Peru, Gear S.A. and Cargill.

By mid 2000, another strategic alliance was achieved, but this time with NEPA SHIPPING, with whom the service coverage for Tenaris Group to the Persian Gulf was expanded, among other market cargoes. Also during 2000, the logistics development for commercialization of Bolivian soybeans was carried out. In this business PLATETRADE, jointly with Gravetal, developed a river and maritime logistic that comprised from the loading at Puerto Aguirre (Bolivia) via San Lorenzo (Argentina) to the port of Buenaventura (Colombia). This development resulted in a 2 years contract with monthly cargoes of 20-25,000 tons. For the provision of ocean transport PLATETRADE developed a very close relationship with Lauritzen Bulkers A / S, Clipper Bulk A / S Tschudi & Eitzen and A / S and Armada Shipping. Considering PLATETRADE´s reputation in the market, in such a short time of development, during 2001 other owners from different sectors of the industry approached PLATETRADE seeking a commercial partner to develop business in South America. This is how the relationship between SCANSCOT SHIPPING SERVICES GmbH and PLATETRADE was born, and the result was a turning point in the history of the company. Until that moment, PLATETRADE was dedicated to the provision of dry cargo, general cargo and eventually liquid cargo.

Through the relationship with Scanscot, the company diversified towards the project cargo market. For the development of this market, PLATETRADE began to acquire specialized knowhow being the first broker in Argentina that was able to offer this service to the market. In addition to expanding the services to Tenaris Group, Ternium Group and Acindar to the Mediterranean and US Gulf, Scanscot´s representation allowed PLATETRADE to enter to the market of over-size and ultra-heavy cargoes, transporting valves, industrial transformers, gas separators and building equipment for clients such as IMPSA and Techint Construcciones, thus participating in Projects like OCT in Ecuador and Camisea in Peru.

During 2001 and 2002, as Scanscot did, Scantrans approached PLATETRADE looking for a bit of regional support due to their recent office’s opening in Houston. Contrary to Scanscot, Scantrans was merely an operator at the time, so it brought to PLATETRADE the possibility to offer to their clients market opportunities according to its fluctuations. By doing so, PLATETRADE developed with Scantrans a trade of brazilian Steel to the North of Africa jointly with Misetal Paris, with an approximately outcome of 130.000 tons/year.

In 2002, due to the usual clients needs, PLATETRADE developed a market of container’s forwarding based in two main markets: bone meal and honey market. During that year, monthly shipments were made for both markets that exceeded the 570 TEUs/year, that was maintained until 2004. In 2003, a mini COA of 3 vessels was closed between Scanscot and Industrias Norteamericanas per a minimum of 7.000 CBM of lumber from Campana and Montevideo to Baltimore and Savannah. PLATETRADE organized the pool of argentine and uruguayan forestry producers, in order to coordinate the goods cargo and documents presentation. In order to maximise the use of the service, and exhaustive marketing work in the Argentine- Uruguay market was issued, that resulted as a completion of the free space of charterers such as Siderca, Siderar, Acindar, Fiplasto and Balerio among others.

According with the global development of purchase-sale of turnkey plants in 2003 there were 3 major demonstrations in South America in which PLATETRADE acted as a service provider together with Scanscot. In first place, a fish processing plant was transported from Southern Chile to Uruguay with a total of 1500 cubic meters. Then, there was the transport of a petrochemical plant from Erie (USA) to the private port Rhasa in Campana (ARG) with a total of 5600 cubic meters. For this operation, the vessels used were the ones of low draught according to Erie port restrictions (5m) and a temporary dock was built in Campana, due that the port was not prepared to receive this type of cargoes, nor berth these type of vessels .

During the same period, the transport service of a cellulose plant was performed for the company ENCE, from Vigo (Spain) to Montevideo (Uruguay) for the development in the industrial polo of Fray Bentos, with approximately 1715 cubic meters.

Going further with this development, in 2004, the transport of 3 oil elaboration plants was performed for the Company Bunge S.A. being 2 plants transported from Argentina to Ukrain and the 3rd from India to Ukrain, with a total of approximately 12.000 cubic meters. Also, a Rolling mill plant was transported for Belgo Mineira from La Plata (Arg) to Brazil, with a volume of 1300 cubic meters and 110 x 40’OT; as well as a bottling plant for Aluplata from Argentina to Tunez. Additionally, an oil rig of 4200 cubic meters was transported from Chica to Ecuador and a building materials cargo was transported for Andrade Guitierrez from Ecuador to Brazil that was approximately of 3700 cubic meters.

Eventually the contract of lumber evolved and there were periods that bigger vessels were needed. That was how PLATETRADE developed a new logistic for this contract jointly with CLIPPER ELITE CARRIERS (CEC). This new logistic involved the design of pallets to optimize the hold capacity and the design of protection via tarpaulin and Steel wires for on deck cargo. As a result of this new design, a COA between CEC y URUFOR Montevideo was signed.

This contract lasted 3 years and reached a total volume of approximately 290.000 CBM, with an average of shipments of 16.000 cbm every 45-60 days. Eventhough, CEC’s policy of non-working with an “open market marketing”, PLATETRADE achieved to ensure complementary cargoes to the lumber, therefore optimising the remaining space and generating the needed incentive to rotate the vessels back (USA-PLATE) with John Deere’s machineries among other cargoes. In addition along the last semester of that year, the granite spots market development was achieved, with shipments from Puerto Madryn to Salerno and Livorno.

In 2005 and due to the performance given, the Client (Porfidi International) decided to give us a contract that lasted 2 years with a total volume 300.000 tons, divided in average shipments of 12.500 tons every 30-45 days.

Such contract was the kick off to make ScanTrans decided to develop jointly with us a line called PATAGONIAN LINES APS that covered paths between ECSA and MED with highly competitive prices for all the clients that might have possible cargoes for the destinations mentioned. The development of Patagonian Lines allowed us to close 12 of 12 bids that Siderca had to the Mediterranean with an average of 8.000 tons per shipment, as well as yachts and small projects, which optimised even more the results of each voyage.

At the end of 2005, one of the partners decided to leave the business and be into other markets, which resulted in a change, not only a management change, but, the corporate policies oriented to maximise the results, minimising the fixed costs. Due to big changes, 2006 was a restructuring year for PLATETRADE, where we were basically oriented to mantain the existing contracts and add other project cargoes to achieve the best results of each voyage. Therefore, the work on import was increased through the service of Patagonian Lines, generating incentive to rotate from Mediterraneo to ECSA with a basis cargo of plates and small project cargoes as completion.

On the other hand, during the whole 2007, we became the only supplier of logistics service for IMPSA with projects such the ones perfomed in Bakun, Lyanyugang (China), Port Kelang (Kuala Lumpur - Malasia) for a total of 33 shipments that included cargoes like rotors, shutters, turbines, steel plates and valves, some of which were containerised in order to optimise its transportation. At mid of that year, we signed a one year contract with SDMO France for the storage and consequent distribution of power generators and generators inside Argentina, as well as in Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia for a monthly total 250 SQM. Such contract was kept until 2009, when the company (SDMO) decided to close their local office.

At the begining of 2008 and betting once more on the company´s growth and its presence within the market, PLATETRADE signed a contract of exclusivity with BELUGA GROUP to represent them, BELUGA was a Company that offered us highly dynamic alternatives, such as the market demands. At the end of 2008 and with the huge drop of the US stock market, the value of freights highly increased, and the outcome was a market even harder to be fought than in former years. Many charterers decided to keep their projects stand-by waiting to see what will happen worldwide.

It was not the case of IMPSA that continued with the commitments previously arranged, not only with their clients, but with us too, reaching along that year a total of 20 shipments for their projects in Bintulu and Puerto Cabello.

Along 2009 we were able to secure, even more the relationship with Tenaris Group closing a 50% of the group´s business with a total of 35,400 mtons that year. In view of continue developing the market and our presence, but this time on the owner’s side, that’s why one of our partners moved to Germany for 9 months (from Julio 2009 to April 2010) with the aim to concrete new strategic alliance with new owners, such as RICKMERS, WAGENBORG and THORCO among others and doing so getting a new strategic partner in different places in order to offer our clients with the greater variety of alternatives possible. With THORCO we were able to establish a closest relationship and at mid 2010 a contract for representation was signed between THORCO and PLATETRADE for the cargoes of Argentina and Uruguay, because they have a subsidiary in Brazil for cargoes of this plate.

Therefore, being so close to owners already represented, is that the representation of SCANSCOT throughout South America was obtained, which had opened doors for us to new clients in Brazil.

Unfortunately by end of 2010, Scanscot Shipping as well as Scanscot Logistics, two of our main representatives, filed for bankruptcy, which forced us to get new service suppliers and doing so, maintain the level of service that always characterised us and was well praised. The search for new alternatives that optimised the results of the services offered was the Mission that PLATETRADE has stated from day one, and that is why, since then, has received the certification of ISO9001 ensuring implementation and maintenance of the quality system of our company and the use of methods and management tools that allow us to deliver efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Likewise PLATETRADE is an active member of BIMCO (The Baltic and International Maritime Council) the largest private global maritime organization, which commits us to the quality of service we provide to our customers.

PLATETRADE´s services are not only limited to chartering and freight, as members of WWPC (Worldwide Project Consortium) have the ability to manage a comprehensive logistics thanks to the extensive network of agents in over 90 countries allowing us to offer tailored solutions for each one of our clients.

Complejo Office Park -Edificio Plaza - Hall 1 - Piso 1 - Of. 104
Ruta Panamericana, Ramal Pilar - Km. 42,500
Del Viso - Buenos Aires - Argentina - CPA: B1669CKH
Downtown Offices - Av. Leandro N. Alem 1074 9° piso, C1001 CABA

Quality Management System Certified under the ISO 9001 Standard for the scope: MARITIME FREIGHT BROKERAGE SERVICES.

Located in the centre of Montevideo (Uruguay) PLATETRADE Uruguay dedicates mainly to the following activities:

• Chartering for the Uruguayan Market, such as: rice exporters / fertilizers exporters / steel traders / and lumber / eucalog and wood pulp exporters.

• Also provides Stevedoring services at Montevideo and Nueva Palmira for Bulk cargo, General cargo and Project cargo.

• Storage at the port of Montevideo and inland transport

• Transhipping cargoes from vessels to barge having developed and NVOCC service from Europe and Far& Middle East, as well as India with Thru B/L into Paraguay ( Asunción / Villeta Port / Puerto Fenix) andvery efficient records of coordination in order to avoid ocean vessel and barge units demurrages.

• Shipping agency attending all Uruguayan ports.

Our past records include:

• More than 200.000 mt of bagged and palletized cement carried from Argentina and t/s Thru Uruguay to Asunción del Paraguay

• Abt 150.000 mt. of fertilizers per year ( chartering and t/s)

• Chartering of more than 150.000 cbmtrs of lumber produced in Uruguay to the USA.

• Largest projects for Uruguay and Paraguay developed over the last years, including Turn - key projects such as Cement Plants / Windmill Parks / Fishmeal plants and WoodpulpMIlls

• Regular chartering of grains / ferts / rice and general cargo.


Located in Asunción del Paraguay, (Paraguay), dedicates mainly to the following activities:

• Barging from Uruguay and Argentina, bulk cargoes/ bagged and palletized commodities as well as project cargoes. Transport of roro cargoes.

• Ocean freight for grains with origin in Paraguay and being transshipped in Argentina or Uruguay.

• Stevedoring services at all Paraguayan river ports. Inland transport of such cargoes up to final destination.

• Door to door service on a NVOCC bss from North Europe/Middle East/India and Far East, up to final destination in Paraguay.

• Chartering services for cargoes, as well as chartering river tonnage on demand. Port agency at all Paraguayan ports.

• Warehousing at the majority of Paraguayan ports. Our past and current records include:

• More than 150.000 tons of palletized and bagged cargo into Paraguay via Nueva Palmira

• About 7.500 mtons of cement in big bags and palletized with final destination at Asunción, Paraguay. The vessel departed from Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina to Nueva Palmira, Uruguay, for its transshipment from vessel to barge, being the 1st. company offering such type of service, avoiding the cost and handling time at berth/quoy. It enabled us to develop a service that was absent for a long time, which is the river transport of cargo in barges to the main ports of growing South American ports.

• Transported turn-key plants, organizing the whole door to door logistics, coordinating all services involved, such as ocean transportation, direct transshipment from vessel to barges, stevedoring works, river barge transport and discharging at final destination. Also provided service for loose, palletized and unitized cargo, and already more than 200.000 mtns in the last 2 years.

Inbound cargoes:
• Cement, we transport around 125.000 tns per year
• Fertilizers, we barge 900.000 tns of ferts for the main agro companies in Paraguay
• Transported more than 200.000 units of cars.


With offices in Santa Cuz de la Sierra PLATETRADE BOLIVIA is principally engaged in the following activities:

• Transport by barge via Paraguay, Uruguay and Argentina, bulk / bag products and pallets, as well as, project cargo. Including stevedoring & unloading.

• Truck freight from Argentina and Chile (Arica) to Bolivia in order to load Bulk / Project & Containers.

• Airfreight (special agreements with BOA - Bolivian Aviation)

• Stuffing de containers.

• Ocean freight originating in Bolivia, being transported to Argentina or Uruguay.

• Door to door service based NVOCC from Northern Europe / Middle East / India and Far East, to its final destination in Bolivia.

• Chartering service for loads, as well as river chartering tonnage demand.


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